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Is Your Smoke Detector Providing you the Protection you Need?

Is Your Smoke Detector Providing you the Protection you Need?

Remember the last time you were back home after a hectic day at the office? You dozed off peacefully and were having a few moments of relaxation when your smoke detector started beeping out of nowhere. You woke up only to discover that it’s a battery low notification from your smoke detector.

What about that evening when you were out for a drink with your friends, and your neighbor called you to inform you that your house was about to go up in flames? You rushed back immediately to discover that it was a fake notification. There may be days when you detected an instance of smoke in your home, but your smoke detector was off due to no internet connectivity.

There is no denying the fact that smoke detectors are one of the best inventions to date. Not only are they an indispensable part of fire alarm systems installed in offices, and public places, but also make sure that people like you and me are safe in their homes and spaces.

A smoke detection system is no longer an optional device for households.Studies show that fire is one of the leading causes of life and property loss in the USA. Every 24 seconds, a fire department in the United States is informed about a fire incident somewhere. The odds of your home being the next on the list are quite high, and with a smoke detector that doesn’t really promise 100% protection, the stakes of damage are quite high.

Is your Smoke Detector simplifying your worries or adding to it?

It won’t be wrong to say that a lot of us seem to have grown indifferent towards the installation or maintenance of smoke detectors. And why shouldn’t we be? Schedules are hectic and nobody has time to attend to these devices daily. On one hand, where smoke detectors make sure that the home stays safe, it also can become an added worry on the other side. Detectors often come with a high maintenance cost, poor response from customer service and inefficient functioning.

Many times, you would have changed the batteries of your smoke detector just because it keeps beeping at odd hours. Are you fed up of calling the customer service executives time and again despite no action? Have you finally got the detector removed and sleeping peacefully with no low-battery alerts? Well, in that case, you are in for a ride because you never know how long you will be able to sleep peacefully like that! An unexpected fire can start at anytime.

A smart smoke detection system is the way to go

A majority of fire accidents happen when nobody is home. This is a severe issue with smoke detectors that renders them practically useless.

If you are out with your friends or family and something catches fire by accident, how are you supposed to take a note? Your pet obviously can hear it, but it can’t call you! Here is where a smart smoke monitoring device steps in.

You no longer have the dependence on Power and WiFi

Traditional smoke detectors go out of function if they are not connected to power or WiFi. Such devices are no longer useful as stuff can catch fire even when you are asleep after switching off your WiFi router.

A battery powered smart smoke detector that possibly employs some live remote monitoring and does not depend on power or internet connectivity for functioning is the need of the hour. Such smart smoke detecting devices are self-sufficient and make sure that the homeowners are updated about the safety status all the time irrespective of their location.

Whether the battery is low or smoke has been detected, text messages and e-mail notifications should be sent immediately.

Go for a system that offers easy installation

So you are tired of calling customer care services for your broken smoke detector? You are not alone. It can be a real pain getting your smoke alarm company to send a technician to repair the device.

Another common reason given by homeowners for not getting a smoke detector installed is the tough process for its installation. You may buy the best smoke detector available in the town, but it is of no use until you get it installed and it works well.

You need Low-Cost Monitoring

Citing the rising number of fire loss cases, a lot of smoke detectors have been launched. However, not everyone can afford them. In some cases, the features don’t justify the price.

One of the most trusted and well known manufacturers of smoke detectors is MAYA. The brand manufactures smart smoke detectors that fit pretty much anyones budget and justify the cost completely. The device comes with an easy peel and stick installation. It does not require any power or phone line for operation. You can install it in various different places on your property without any professional installation.

Not just that, in case you are a property owner or have a keen interest in real estate, but are afraid to proceed due to security reasons, you do not need to look further. MAYA smart detectors are perfect for property owners. The device makes sure that even the slightest possibility of your building catching fire is paid attention to. There is no room for doubt or failure here.

See what Kevin Harrington, the original Shark from Shark Tank has to say about MAYA:


Fire accidents cannot be predicted as such. Better safe, than sorry! Get rid of all your smoke and fire-related worries for once and all with a quality smoke detection system. The device comes with a low battery alert, central station and informs the owners about any potential threats using a text messaging system. Get the device installed right away and see what else it has in store for you.

You don’t need to enter into any long-term commitments. With no credit checks, it becomes super easy to sign up. As if this were not enough, even if at some point in time, you feel like you don’t need the device anymore, you can cancel the subscription anytime. Furthermore, you get this fantastic opportunity to grab a flat 15% discount on your home insurance bill for using MAYA.

MAYA doesn't check credit, and the equipment will surely fit your budget. Further, you can get up to a 15% home insurance discount, and the smoke detector may cost you nothing at all. These smart smoke detecting devices by MAYA need no Wi-Fi connectivity as the units employ pre-installed cellular technology. The device can be installed quickly using the peel and stick installation and has a lifetime warranty with zero replacement cost.

The good news here is that you no longer have to rely on unreliable smoke detecting systems for your place’s security, get MAYA installed right away and make sure that you and your family are in safe hands. Learn more about MAYA here.