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MAYA Smart Detector - Special Offer Includes Free MAYA Smart Detector

Get the MAYA Smart Detector for $99.00 with monthly monitoring for $14.95 a month (No Contract Required)
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Does Your Smoke Detector Just Beep?
Unfortunately that is useless when no one is home to hear it!
The Smarter Choice, At a More Affordable Cost
When smoke is detected, MAYA detectors alert 24/7 live operators who notify the fire department about the danger your pet may be in. You also receive phone, email, and SMS notifications.
  • MAYA Specifications

    • Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
    • 10 year Lithium battery
    • Additional replaceable battery for cell module
    • Central Station connectivity via cellular networks
    • Automatic calibration and self-test
    • Silence function
    • Fully supervised for low battery and malfunction
    • Manual test button to verify battery status and alarm operation
  • Additional Specifications

    • Quick install plate (3M peel and stick backing)
    • Rating Voltage: DC 3V
    • Standby Current: Max. 15uA (EN) / 25uA (UL)
    • Start Current: Max. 3.5 mA
    • Built-in 85 dB/3m local sounder and flashing red LED light 
    • Sensitivity: EN:0.091~0.149 dB/m, UL:1.31~2.28%/ft
    • Operating temperature: 0°C~49°C (32°F~120°F)
    • Alarm Current: Max. 100 mA 
  • Need Additional Smart Detectors? Your subscription covers additional detectors!

    You will have a chance to add these upon completion of your order.

The Only Smart Smoke Detector with 24/7 Live Remote Monitoring

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